Welcome and thank you for taking the first step towards whole health! I have so many plans for this website and associated social media pages, so please stay tuned!

I am currently building this amazing site, alongside running my private, naturopathic practice in Southern Maine, Bare Medicine, so it may take some time, but I promise it will be worth it! 

My goal is to create a community where anyone can learn more about their health and easily find reliable and trusted information on whole health - from actual doctors and pioneers in the integrative medicine field.

One of the most common complaints I get from patients is that there is so much information out there regarding whole health and integrative medicine, that they don't know who to trust.

I often feel the same way as a doctor as it can get overwhelming with the amount of health and wellness sites out there - what info is best for me to pass on to my patients?

Well, worry no more! I am creating a one stop shop where both the public and practitioners alike can get credible health information and learn at your own pace.

I've got so much planned for you, not only from me, but from some of the most trusted names in health and wellness!

I am also hoping to create a community for integrative health professionals and to give them the exposure they deserve and show how they are changing lives on a daily basis (see our mission). I will be providing exclusive content on marketing, practice development and more to help you have the most successful practice possible. 

My goal is to also offer a trusted resource for continuing education for practitioners interested in integrative medicine, not only by offering exclusive content, but also providing one giant CE calendar to rule them all...

Until then, you can enjoy some great tips and recipes and more regarding whole health right here on our blog and on our social media pages.

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I can't wait to share all of these ideas with you! Stay tuned for a sneak peek at what's to come!

~Dr. K