The Exercise Plan That Changed My Life (and it's less than an hour a week!)

A big difference, no pun intended...though I'm still a bit shy. Still...that IS spandex I'm wearing now! 

A big difference, no pun intended...though I'm still a bit shy. Still...that IS spandex I'm wearing now! 

Today, I tell my personal story...

For much of my adult life, I was fat.

In fact, that is what brought me to medical school. The fact that I gained about 100 pounds in 4 months after I got married without any significant change in diet or lifestyle other than stress.

But stress can't do that? Can it? 

Turns out, it can. 

All my other labs were always not only normal, but optimal. I didn't have diabetes or high cholesterol or thyroid dysfunction or any of the suspected illnesses that contribute to or are caused by obesity.

On paper, I was healthy as horse. 

I was poked and prodded by the best in the biz and did every diet known to man, the Yeast-Free Diet, macrobiotics, veganism, vegetarianism, Mediterranean, South Beach, name it...I tried it. And for months at a time, not days or weeks. 

But it didn't matter if I ate 900 calories a day or 3000...the fat wouldn't budge.

It wasn't until 12 years later when I had finished my first year of residency and ended my marriage that things really changed. 

Talk about stress...a divorce, a move and the end of medical school and start of a new career all at once!

I lost 80 pounds in 2 months and dealt with debilitating anxiety around food (I just couldn't eat, no matter what I tried). 

I literally couldn't nourish myself, emotionally or physically. This was NOT a healthy way to lose the weight, but at the same time, I was so grateful to finally get it off. 

Again, poked and prodded by the best and nothing. All good on paper, including my adrenals. 

So I focused on myself. Baby steps every day.

Meditation, walking outside, journaling, spiritual growth. 

I did take an antidepressant for a short period of time because it was absolutely necessary and I am not ashamed of that. They can be life saving when prescribed properly and for me, it was the only thing that helped my anxiety and allowed me to eat a little bit.

Over the last 6 years, my system has slowly re-calibrated to my new normal.

Now, I've never been what most consider to be "thin," but over the years, I had gone down 2 dress sizes (which took a surprisingly long time even though 80 pounds came off so quickly).

But it really wasn't until this last year, when I started Metabolic Aftershock, that I actually got my shape back. 

In fact, I searched for over 2 hours for a photo of my body in the last 6 years and found nothing! 

That's how ashamed I was of my body, even after losing 80 pounds. 

It still didn't feel like me. But now it does.

My weight has gone down another 20 pounds since January, I have a shape again, I have gone down 2 more dress sizes and I've never felt healthier or stronger.

It's SO much more than just the weight. 

It's about the non-scale victories too.

I decided to do a Whole30 to jumpstart my new life in January 2015 and I was determined to find a good exercise plan to go along with my new lifestyle. 

you can see my blog about my Whole30 experience here

and check out some of my favorite, healthy recipes I used here from The Best Paleo Recipes Ebook* (with ALL your favorite Paleo cooks)!

My diet has always been healthy, but I never actually made the commitment to myself for a regular fitness routine. 

I had always rationalized (and maybe these sound familiar):

"I'm moving and on my feet all day."

"I do a lot of yard work and gardening on the weekends, when the weather is nice."

"I do go for a walk or sometimes plank between patients."

The fact is, that's not enough, especially as we get older (and by older I mean over 30, which is still young, but is typically when your metabolism starts to change).

You have to change things up, work your body hard, and be careful not to injure yourself (getting older sucks in this just can't go and do a cartwheel, I learned...). 

Cardio just never did it for me and now I know why.

I found out what my metabolic type was (metabolic killer #4) - that my body was always in fight-or-flight and therefore storing everything as fat, no matter how well I ate. 

If I exercised too much, it would make me gain even more weight or make me plateau

Take this quick survey to see what YOUR specific metabolic type is and get started*

Remember, your metabolic rate changes over time and also explains why your pal can eat pizza and drink beer and not gain an ounce, while you bloat even looking at pizza...

This is what I love about this program - just like in naturopathic medicine, it is truly customizable to each person - there is no one-size-fits-all and there are modifications available, which is what I love about it.

No matter your current fitness level

No matter your current schedule.

It's a commitment of 15 minutes, three times a WEEK.

Can you commit to 45 minutes a week?

That is less than an hour a week!

I know you can!

But don't take my word for it, feel free to check out some other results and more info in their informational video*.

Just check it out and you'll see exactly why I became an affiliate for this great company (I am VERY picky about my affiliates and only align myself with products and services that I have used and trust)*.

They are changing lives. They changed my life.

Dr. Teta knows his stuff and I have used and recommended his programs for my patients, friends and family for years and have seen amazing results. 

I always knew the nutrition piece...but I needed guidance when it came to finding the right fitness piece to go along with my personal metabolic rate. 

And I definitely found it in Metabolic Aftershock.

This program is hard to deny at just 15 minutes, three times a week, it is challenging and can be modified as needed to your fitness level (I'm still using modifications six months later and it is still kicking my butt).

Dr. Teta's explanations of how these exercises help to balance hormones is great and even helped me (a fellow ND) learn more about the "hormonal soup" that can inhibit or accelerate fat loss. 

All in all, this is my favorite exercise program to date.

So what are you waiting for? 

This could be the perfect program for you too, but you won't know until you learn more.

Click here for a non-video version*


They constantly update this program based on feedback and research so it may be called something different, but the general guidelines and goals remain the same

This is a personal story showing one person's experience with this exercise plan and is not meant to be taken as personal medical advice and does not guarantee the same results for anyone else. All diet and lifestyle programs should always be discussed with your healthcare practitioner before incorporating into your lifestyle. 

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