The Manliest Thing To Do


Forgive me, but I couldn't resist the 'stache.

For Men's Health Week this year, I wanted to help bring more awareness about how men can be more proactive in their health and how it can significantly reduce issues later in life

Let's face it, men just tend to go to the doctor less. 

There's a lot of fear, or embarrassment or lack of support, or even just the "suck it up" mentality that likely gets seeded into men's psyches early on in life. 

But the fact of the matter is, there is nothing more manly than taking care of yourself.

The top 3 causes of death for men in the US is heart disease, cancer and accidents/injuries. 

Not only that, but men also tend to die earlier from these diseases than women, so prevention is absolutely key. 

I recently read a great piece by Dr. Steven Lamm on 10 Things Men Should Tell Their Doctors and I actually printed it out for some of the men in my life. 

It really helps to inspire men to not only visit the doctor for preventative visits, but also to speak freely and honestly when they do, because we, as doctors, need to know exactly how you are feeling, both physically and mentally, in order to fully assess your health. 

Your labs may look "fine," but you could still be experiencing chest pain, muscle weakness or other symptoms that could be a big preview of what's to come. 

The good news? 

When you tell us when something different starts happening, we can get to the cause quickly and  hopefully prevent any long-term damage, thereby reducing your risk of chronic disease.

For example, one of the top complaints in men's health is erectile dysfunction

But did you know that erectile dysfunction can be prevented in many cases?

In fact, common causes of erectile dysfunction include:

  • high blood pressure
  • high blood sugar
  • diabetes
  • high cholesterol
  • obesity
  • smoking
  • excessive alcohol intake
  • depression/anxiety
  • medication side effects

ALL of these causes have a high potential of being prevented with regular check-ups with your doctor. 

Catch the blood sugar before it turns to diabetes, catch the cholesterol before it clogs the blood vessels, address the depression/anxiety, counsel and provide support and tools for the substance abuse and food addictions, etc. 

This is why we Naturopathic physicians believe so much in prevention as medicine.

Because it is. 

Think of it like car insurance. 

You have the car insurance in case something really bad happens, but you still have to maintain the car by performing regular oil changes, fluid changes and cleaning.

Otherwise, it will break down on the side of the road. 

Well, the same goes for our bodies. 

Accidents happen, but we may be able to avoid some future breakdowns if we check in with our doc each year, or at least every 2 years. 

Do you have a man in your life who might not go to the doctor as often as they should? 

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