Top Posts of the Week June 16 - 23

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Marie Forleo: 3 Ways to Say No to People Who Want to Pick Your Brain

I had to share this one because it's one of my favorites! As a doc, this happens to me a lot and it's hard to say no when your personal mission is to help people. But, we gotta set boundaries too! Marie is an incredible resource for business savvy and staying true to yourself whilst navigating the wonderful world of entrepreneurship. I highly recommend her newsletter if you're a business owner (you can sign up on her website)!


Travis Elliot's Yoga Sequence to Work Your Core (via MindBodyGreen)

Everyone's a tad ab-obsessed, but this is a great flow for anyone simply looking to strengthen their core. Your core strength is really the "core" to your general fitness as it supports your back, your gait (how you walk), your posture and so much more. Plus, Travis isn't so terrible to look at...


Improve Indoor Air Quality to Promote Health by Organic Lifestyle Magazine

Many people don't realize that the indoor air is often even more polluted than the outdoor air. The use of air fresheners, fragranced EVERYTHING, dryer sheets, and more have significantly increased the incidence of asthma and allergies. This article shows you step-by-step, what you can do to reduce the amount of indoor pollution in your home, from basic design to additional tools you can use. 


War on saturated fat is over: Ketogenic, Atkins and Paleo Diets are vindicated from

This is definitely my favorite post of the week as a long-time supporter of an anti-inflammatory diet, very similar to what is now deemed the "paleo" lifestyle. It really isn't that hard. Eat real food and less from boxes made by corporations who sell poison. Yet...every time...people seem absolutely amazed that you don't have to watch what you eat when you just eat real food! As we NDs have been saying all's not the fat that has been the's the fake (trans) fats, combined with the salt and sugar content of fatty, processed, "junk" foods that have caused us to go into this obesity crisis. Taking the fat out and pumping it up with high fructose corn syrup was never the answer... When your carbs come from the ground instead of a factory...your body responds very differently!