A Doctor's Take on Whole30: Week 4

Originally posted on kristenmcelveennd.com on February 5, 2015

Doctors take week4.png

Well, it's heeeeerrrrreeeee...the last week of Whole30. I'm so glad I did it. 

As I've said before, and those of you who are patients know, I usually do a cleansing diet of basically the same rules as Whole30 for a couple weeks in Spring and Fall, but I've never considered doing it for 30 days. 

I am continuing to feel amazing. Yes, I am treating myself to some pizza for Valentine's Day, but I think I'm going to go right back into it for another 30 days. 

I didn't take many measurements because nothing has ever affected my body measurements before, but I feel like my body has totally changed shape. We'll see, once I weigh and measure at the end of this week - but REMEMBER - it's not about the pounds...it's about taking away all the inflammation and checking in with your body to see what may be bothering you. 

If you've been checking out my Instagram (also posted on my Facebook and Twitter), you've been seeing exactly what I'm eating. I've gotten more comfortable now, coming up with spontaneous things to cook rather than having to plan, which has been a time saver with all these darn snow storms!

It's also saving me money, being able to go by what's on sale, versus going by a meal plan. And guess what...Whole Foods had sugar-free BACON THIS WEEK!! If you didn't see it already, I made some pretty bomb chili bites for the Super Bowl - WHAT A GAME!!!! GO PATS!!! (click on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram links below to see what I'm eating)

I certainly am getting my exercise in with all the shoveling and snow-blowing!

All in all, I'm still very pleased and have been recommending Whole30 to all of my patients whom I feel are ready to try it. 

I've said it a million times, and I'll just keep saying it - it's amazing what happens when you simply eat real food. Yes, we go through cravings and detox and may feel crappy for a few days at the beginning - but THIS should be the NORMAL. NOT the other way around!

It's also good to check in every once in a while and make sure you haven't developed other food sensitivities. I thought I had been avoiding all of mine, but considering how good I feel, I'm definitely going to reintroduce things slowly to make sure I'm not missing something. 

I will also be checking my blood at the end of the week to see how my labs are. They've never been abnormal, but there's always room for improvement! 

New things this week:

  • My body shape continues to change
  • My energy is through the roof (I guess that's the tiger's blood the Whole30-ers are always talking about!)
  • I do honestly feel like I'm pooping rainbows (another Whole30-ism)
  • I'm sleeping well
  • I have zero cravings and it hasn't been difficult to turn down other people trying to tempt me, or to not drool at the chocolate aisle at the grocery store
  • I'm sweating much more easily
  • I'm doing more for myself - saunas, moisturizing with the FANCY lotion, drinking a ton of water, excited to exercise, writing more
  • I'm eating more than I EVER have and feel like I'm actually eating to fuel my body, not just eating what is convenient
  • I'm not sore at all after shoveling/snow-blowing (my shoulders, hands and back are usually screaming the next day)

I'm actually kind of sad to stop! But like I said, I think I'll take a few days to have a couple lattes and some pizza and then go right back to it. I actually WANT to be in pictures now and there's a photo shoot opportunity coming up in April with the NoH8 Campaign! Nothing like a photo shoot to motivate you to look your best!

Until then, keep cooking and I'll let you know how it goes next week!


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