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Our goal for practitioners is to create a space to spotlight pioneers in integrative medicine, especially naturopathic physicians. We also hope to provide a one-stop-shop resource for continuing education for NDs and other integrative practitioners as well as exclusive business, marketing and practice development/management skills to grow and maintain a thriving, integrative practice. 

We encourage practitioners, especially new doctors, to contribute blog posts and videos for our YouTube channel to help promote your practices and to help drive more traffic to the promotion of naturopathic and integrative medicine.

We are growing fast and just in our first 6 months, we already had almost 3,000 followers combined via social media and newsletter subscribers, including influential nutraceutical brands and popular health and fitness personalities!

The average reach with this amount of followers can significantly vary as one single tweet can be retweeted to thousands!

Right now, we are specifically looking for:

  • cooking demos for our YouTube channel - 3-5 minutes in length (or less), cooking a healthy, whole foods meal/snack, preferably already edited (no copyrighted audio or video, please) - it doesn't have to be fancy, check out my super quick guac demo

  • original blog posts (meaning not otherwise published on your blog or elsewhere) - 300-500 words in length, with or without a pinnable photo or infographic

    • topics of interest - common drug-herb-supplement interactions, common vitamin/mineral deficiencies caused by drugs, flower essences used for test-anxiety, childhood obesity, healthy aging, traumatic brain injury

  • recipes! That's right! We are compiling a great recipe list from health practitioners to offer to the public and to serve as a referral source for your company! Simple, whole foods recipes only, OK if it is already on your site, but would prefer an exclusive recipe (please include a picture - we can edit it for you!)

  • any other similar content - be creative! (we have a fast growing Instagram following, so 640 x 640 graphics or 15 second videos are welcome!)


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Social media is an important part of marketing your practice and continuing the conversation and education with your clients outside of the office. Feel free to share content from our social media accounts at any time and use us as a source of reliable health information to share with your clients and patients (links are below). 

One of our goals as you know is to promote integrative medicine and shine a light on the pioneers, so please follow us on social media and interact with us so we can follow you and help to promote your work!